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Ogden Beginning Machine Embroidery

We have two different choices for your embroidering pleasure.  Each
are a zippered pouch using the in-the-hoop method for construction
including the zipper!  You can buy both kits if you wish but there will
only be time in class to finish one project.

The first choice is a high-top tennis shoe.  The other option is classic
looking piano keys with black glitter keys and a sparkling or lacy bag
background.  All done in the hoop including the zipper!

Kit fabrics will vary from the picture shown here.  You can also choose
to use your own fabrics and just pay for the class.

Designer this month is an Etsy shop named "Disorderly Threads".  
You will need to purchase and download the design before class or if
you need help with the downloading process, we will be happy to help
you in class.  You will need your own usb stick.

The links to the design are:

5x7 hoop tennis shoe zippered bag

6x8 hoop tennis shoe zippered bag 

5x7 hoop piano keys zippered bag

Cost: $ 10.00
Class is $10; optional kit is $10 per project selected
Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

Skill Level:beginner
Materials Included:Kits includes materials to complete project of your choice
Requirements:Embroidery machine, hoop, usb stick, sewing supplies, thread colors for your project. Downloads include the instructions. Kits will include the instructions if you purchase a kit. If you bring your own fabric you will need to print out your instructions for class.